A Day in the Life of a Hokie


  1. Ut Prosim All Day, Every day

that i may serve

Every student on the campus of Virginia Tech lives and breathes to serve the community, looking around every corner in hopes of finding a way to serve. Although class and grades are important, the real reason we came to Virginia Tech is to escort elderly women across Church street.


  1. “Studying” Between Classes


Studying in cubicle on the fifth floor of Newman library gives a peaceful and quiet environment for studying. However, the real reason to snag a comfy chair and outlet is to finish that last season of Grey’s Anatomy without the possibility of someone seeing you shed a tear over Derek Sheppard’s death.


  1. Sweet Dreams are Made of Ramen


Rated #1 in the nation for campus food, the effort can sometimes (most of the time) be very minimal.  Every student at Virginia Tech enjoys our Hokie-rific dining options, but the simplicity and readiness of Ramen has carved out a special place in all of our hearts.  From late nights studying, to lazy days lounging, every Hokie is ready to take the easy way out. 


  1.  “Socially Interacting”


A walk on the drillfield now requires severe caution as texting and walking has taken over the lives of students. One can no longer assume they will be safe from colliding into another hokie. Lesson to all: proceed with caution and don’t plan on making eye contact with someone. If the desire arises to converse with someone you would be better off shooting them a text or tweet.

  1.  Class change? Time to get on Hokie snaps.



BEWARE: Basic blonde girl impeding movement through the campus buildings trying to take the perfect selfie. Make sure to look up from your own phone to avoid making an unexpected appearance on Hokie Snaps.