#Facts About Student Life at Virginia Tech


#Fact- To be successful at Virginia Tech, you have to have at least four arms.

Casual. When you have 300 pages to read, two papers to write, and getting food feels like a waste of time, sometimes you just need a little extra help. When studying, make sure to spread all your books across the entire table to make sure no one sits next to you. Always keep your empty coffees around, just so others will see how hard you’re trying.


#Fact- Netflix has the power to erase time.

Did I say “Netflix?” I meant “NetFIX all my problems.”

Do you have six tests this week? How about a hundred pages of reading? Have you already procrastinated to the point of “it’s due tomorrow and I haven’t even started it yet”? This is when Netflix becomes the best study tool. You can effortlessly spend hours of study time watching your favorite shows and movies, which makes procrastination even easier. You can watch Netflix anywhere with wifi so feel free to take up a whole table at the library. It’s not like any of the other students are really studying anyway.

#Fact: Mom knows everything
Who else in the world knows how to do laundry, cook everything, and all of your medical information? When your dishwasher is overflowing or your roommate steals your favorite shirt, there’s only one thing to do… call Mom. You’re her whole world and she’s happy to take all of your calls night and day, despite your other siblings and her full time job. Who else is going to answer all your questions AND love you unconditionally?

#Fact: Having a completely normal, functioning body gets tiring after a while.
Why go to the effort of opening the door (which is probably really heavy)? Instead, you can push that little blue button and watch the door open all by itself. It’s really empowering. Let’s face it, sometimes the combination of readings, papers, tests, and minimum wage can really take a toll.

#Fact: There are actual books in the library.
Yes, I spend all of my time at the library! No, I’ve never checked out a book… unless facebook counts. Gone are the days during which students used the library as an actual resource of research. I’m not even sure students know how to look up a book in the library. If google doesn’t know the answer, there is no answer. The library has become a gathering place of sorts in which students find the comfiest, most secluded chairs and tables (hopefully near an outlet) and camp out for the night with their constant companion- the trusty laptop.

#Fact: There are actual liberal arts students at Virginia Tech.

“Oh, you go to Tech? Are you an Engineering major?”

Liberal arts students are like rare, majestic birds. That dilapidated building you’ve never heard of? A lot of our classes are in there. We’ve never been to the math empo and most of the career fairs just aren’t for us. And also – No. We aren’t all going to be teachers.