Traits of Exceptional College Students!!!


1.  Diverse and Intelligent Group of College Students


The group bond together in their ethnic and cultural diversity and that makes them happy.


2. Foreign Chinese Student Loves to Learn English


Pretty sure that book is upside down. Why is he so happy when he’s sitting in snow?


3. Four Diverse, Intellectual College Students Collaborate Using Modern Technology


(Notice the smiles, and looks of intrigue on the student’s faces. There is an obvious desire to learn displayed in this vivid photo.)


4. Young, White American Male Attempts to Swindle Intelligent White Female On Her Mobile Device


(Unfortunately for him, his counterpart is consumed with the hip new app, SnapChat)


5. Exhausted White Male Takes Time to Rest After a Long Night of Diligent Studying


(Take note of the coffee at his fingertips, a staple of refreshment for the college student.)



6. Culturally Diverse African American Student is Successful


You can easily tell from his business suit and his ethnic background that he is willing to work hard for an internship.


7. Chinese Student Exhausted from Math Enjoys A Leisurely Time of Watching Television


There is literally nothing on the screen… I think the TV isn’t even plugged in.