College Stereotypes: The Do’s & Don’ts

Adolescence is a tough time for everyone: full of challenges, triumphs, and failures. The college experience is different for everyone. Want to make it easier on yourself? Let us guide you, and save yourself some embarrassment.

DON’T : Be “that” sorority girl


The sorority girl in her natural habitat, aka online shopping in her UGGS and leggings. People are probably looking at this girl with disgust, wondering if she’s just at school to get her MRS degree and party. There is nothing wrong with being in a sorority, and nothing wrong with dressing comfortably, but there is a distinction between throwing it in other people’s faces and staying low-key about it. Stay low-key, and no one will assume you’re an airhead.

DON’T: Vomit during class

IMG_0561 (1)

Having a thriving social life in college is a great way to make friends, but no one is going to want to be your friend if you party so hard that you end up puking everywhere and on everything. If you are ralphing during class time, then you really need to sort out your priorities, because clearly you have let your social antics distract you from your studies! You should choose not to drink in certain social situations or drink responsibly during a night out on the town, and never be so drunk or hungover that you cannot fully participate in class!

DON’T: Think you’re too cool for school

IMG_0592 (1)

College can be a great experience, but if you go in with the attitude that you’re better than everyone else, you may not fare so well. As pictured above, this stereotypical “nerdy hipster” is giving her audience a look of utter disgust, probably because they didn’t know some Indie band she referenced. Instead, you should be friendly to everyone you meet, whether or not they jam to independent bands that nobody’s heard of.

DON’T: Overdo school spirit

IMG_0602 (1)

It’s great to have school spirit, but try not to get too carried away. You can expect a few puzzled glances from your fellow classmates if you rock an over-the-top ensemble on any ordinary day. Unike this overly enthusiastic Hokie, leave your school-colored pom-poms at home, and maybe don’t walk around campus with your hands permanently thrown into your school’s hand sign. Instead, save your spirit gear for the football stadium, and cheer on your team with the rest of your school!

DON’T : Stay on your phone too much

IMG_0616 (1)

Look around you! There is a world to be discovered and experienced! Oh, wait. You aren’t seeing it, because YOUR HEAD IS DOWN IN YOUR PHONE CONSTANTLY! Young people today have a bad reputation of spending too much time on their smartphones and missing out on opportunities with those around them. You should remember to put your phone away now and again to genuinely connect with the people in your life. Trust me, that FarmVille notification can wait!


be yourself

College is hard enough. Between trying to stay on top of all your classes, not going broke, and maintaining a social life, everybody is overwhelmed. We all feel lost, confused, and scared for our futures. The best thing you can do to make it all easier is be yourself. Friends, fun, and lifelong memories will follow!