Our College Album Covers

Who hates album covers? No one. Album covers encapsulate the essence of a musical work. So how can we capture the essence of college stereotypes instead? Our idea was to parody album covers by various music artists and change them so that they showed off a common joke or stereotype about “college kids.” Because why not use our own generational interests to make fun of our generational interests? 

Taylor’s Swift’s 1989 / Virginia Tech’s 1989 Thousand Dollars in Debt

1989   1989 thousand dollars in debt

Taylor Swift’s iconic Polaroid album cover got us thinking. What else does the number 1989 mean to college students? Oh yeah! MONEY. Because obviously 99.99% of college students are broke as heck and won’t be able to pay off our student loans until we’re as old as someone born before 1989. Yay, interest rates!


N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” / Virginia Tech’s N.W.A (No Work Available) “Straight Outta College”

Straight-Outta-Compton-album   NWA

Are you Straight Outta College and ready to start that dream job you’ve been working for four years to get? Well, too bad. Because there’s No Work Available for young millennials ready to join the workforce. Maybe it’s time to take out some more student loans, go to grad school, and put off becoming a real person for a few more years.


Green Day’s American Idiot / Virginia Tech’s Graduation Day: American Idiot

57457a72ce9e2072e81e5bbccf45cbf9ccae3a31   Graduation Day

If you walked across the stage on graduation day to receive your liberal arts diploma you might be the real American Idiot. If you’ve been having dreams of tomorrow when you’re using that sociology or fine arts degree to get an actual paying job, then maybe you’ve been watching too much television.


The Beatles’ Abbey Road / Virginia Tech’s Walk of Shame

887948664279156140   IMG_3964 copy

The lasting phenomenon that has plagued the early mornings of college town streets… The Walk of Shame. That poor soul walking back from a stranger’s apartment or dorm room, trying to be inconspicuous and failing quite miserably. A number of us are guilty of the Walk. A number of us won’t admit that it wasn’t love at first sight that just went horribly wrong at five in the morning for no apparent reason.  


Sam Smith In the Lonely Hour / Virginia Tech’s Homework in the Lonely Hour

81KQP4RRKHL._SL1500_   samcover

“In the lonely hour,” we’re all sitting in front of a library computer trying to piece together the shambles of an assignment we forgot was due tomorrow. Homework is only the beginning, and we know that we’ll find ourselves back here before exams, trying to study for a class we never attended and from a book we never opened. The lonely hour is all about praying that you’ll magically have knowledge of something that you never learned.

(All original album images via Google images.)