5 Skills Every College Student is a Master Of


Group Projects

We’ve all been there- a professor gives a group project, you meet your partners, and expect that everyone will contribute. Let’s be real though- we all know what really happens.



There’s a saying that if something is due tomorrow, you do it tomorrow. Did we have three weeks to do the project? Yes. Did we use that time? Absolutely not.


Being a Pack Mule

College requires a lot of materials for a lot of different classes, although most photos you see are just a happy person with one backpack, the reality of the situation is that the backpack is usually full and students are then left carrying most of their materials around with them in their hands.


Drinking Coffee

College students have an immense amount of work they need to complete in a short period of time, along with staying up late and waking up early, caffein is always a go to choice when it comes to trying to stay on top of your schedule.


Lecture Notes

Although getting to class is half of the battle, the other half is trying to pay attention during those long hour and fifteen minute lectures and we find ourselves playing games on our computers.