5 Signs That You’re A College Student Obsessed with Taking Pictures

College students love selfies. Why is this hot trend sweeping over campuses across the nation?  It is nearly impossible for these young adults to accomplish any meager task without pausing to indulge in a quick snap. If you think this isn’t true, check out these five unbelievably wild and revealing photos. You may think you aren’t a typical college student, but how many of these apply to you? You’ll never believe number six!


1. You Snapchat Every Second of Your Day

snow snapchat

We’ve all heard the phrase, “take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Well, it’s kind of true. You’ve got snapchat, so why not take a picture of everything you do? And of course you’re can’t forget the hashtag and appropriate emojis. But, you’ve gotta remember that there’s a ten second limit to fame.


2. You Document All of Your Outfits with Mirror Selfies

bathroom selfie

The mirror selfie is the main reason we try to look good for school. “Do it for the vine” has now become “do it for the snapchat.” But snap it quickly before another eager selfie-taker steals your fluorescent spotlight.


3. You Own a Selfie Stick

outside selfie stick

There’s always that one person that can’t take selfies.  You’re looking the wrong way girl! #selfiefail


4. You Take Pictures of Assignments Rather Than Writing Them Down

screen pic

Who has time to take notes in class anymore?  It’s much easier to take a quick pic and you’re sure to get the right information.


5. Every Single Party You Go to Ends Up on Your Snap Story – Even Class Parties

solo cup

We’ve heard of Thirsty Thursdays but the new fad of Friday morning turn-ups is quite hot on college campuses. There’s no better way to celebrate a Friday morning than waking up hungover, eating a healthy bowl of Captain Crunch, and going to class with a drink in hand. The fact that professors let selfie sticks in class really is absurd.


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