5 College Stereotypes

College kids: we’re all pretty much the same right? Between our study and our social lives, we all possess the same habits and traits that make us a unique breed of people. Well, at least that is what the college stereotypes would have you believe. We’ve all heard the term “that’s so college,” but what are some of the popular examples that we immediately associate with the prototypical college kid? Here are 5 stereotypes that, while certainly satirized and exaggerated, hold a little bit of truth in defining the college atmosphere and the characters within it.


  1. We love our naps. Any time, any place.



When your nights consist of heavy studying and binge watching Netflix series (mostly the latter), sometimes you just need a quick snooze. Whether it be in your bed, the library, or the dining hall, there is never a place where we can’t fall asleep (OK, maybe the football games). And no, we don’t mind using a textbook for a pillow, especially when that same textbook is the reason we are so sleepy (sorry Genetics).






  1. Frat guys aren’t the most intelligent.



Maybe it’s all the blood rushing to our heads during those keg stands. Maybe it’s the after effects of the hazing that we found so necessary in the rushing process. Maybe our backwards hats and Patagonia jackets are on too tight. Whatever it is, we’re not the brightest up there and academics aren’t our strong suit. But if you ever want to decrease your shotgun speed or improve your beer pong shot, we’d be happy to tutor you in that.





  1. We only eat ramen noodles.




Or Cup of Noodles, whatever, we’re not picky. As long as it’s pasta that can be cooked in under 5 minutes and cost less than 25 cents a meal. When you pay as much for tuition as we do, cheaper food becomes tastier. We eat so much of it, we sometimes take it to class. Or we just eat it out in the hallway, smiling and laughing along the way, pretending this isn’t our fourth packet consumed today. Please help us.






  1. We barely function during our 8 A.M.’s 




It’s funny, getting up at 6 A.M. 5 times a week in high school wasn’t that tough, but getting up 2-3 times a week for our 8 A.M. in college is suddenly the hardest thing in the world. The only thing getting us by is caffeine, lots of it. If that means fusing Red Bull and coffee, we’re about it. Oh, and can we get a 5-hour Energy for a chaser?





  1. We have very “productive” study sessions.



Look how much time we spend studying together! We just love helping each other learn. It’s amazing, we don’t even need to have the same textbooks, that’s how good we are at it. We’ve been reading these books for so long we can read them upside down. Or two at a time. Just as long as it helps us ace that “English Literature of Harry Potter Genetics” exam we have tomorrow.